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August 19, 2013



Thanks for introducing me to Toppi. He's not someone I was familiar with until I started listening to your podcast. I'm a big Moebius fan and can't believe I never came across Toppi because from what I've seen of his, he's right up there with Moebius.

The page you posted here is definitely one of the best sequential art pieces I've ever seen - what is that from?

I'll definitely be search out Toppi's work. Keep these coming!

(RE: No problem, Tom. And that's what I meant on the episode that for as renowned as Toppi, he is still even now kind of unknown to many people. At least on this side of the Atlantic. But yes, anytime is a great to jump into Toppi. If I could, I would recommend getting the recent Sharaz-De collection from Archaia. I don't have it myself yet (rectifying by month's end), but flipping through Swain's copy at the recording was fantastic. I would also recommend getting Bab El Ahlam, 1932. It's a nice thick volume compiling mostly his illustration work over the last few decades. You can probably go through Stuart Ng for a majority of Toppi imports. And for just a basic primer, hunt up the Sparrow book from IDW. It's a slim small volume that is very inexpensive and will get you started. And we definitely have more Shine Ons coming up soon -- next: The Filipino Invasion of the 1970s. Should be fun! Thanks for writing as always, Tom! - ADRiAN)

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