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August 16, 2013


Thanks so much for doing the podcast guys; Sprouse is one of my modern faves. Here's a link to deGrasse Tyson holding up a Sprouse page with him in it:


Love Sprouse's work. His work with Alan Moore (Supreme, Tom Strong) always felt to me like a throwback to a different time in comics and something you didn't see much when it was coming out.

Lately, I feel like there has been a bit more with things like Waid's run on Daredevil, Atomic Robo and the now defunct Godland. It seems to me that the modern landscape has tilted more to darker anti-hero types and while I love some of those characters, I'm glad to see more books that are just have fun and telling a good story at the same time.

I too always loved the family dynamic of Tom Strong. Outside of FF, I couldn't name a comic with a similar family theme.

Jerry Lando

I was so glad to see that you guys were going to be doing an interview with Chris Sprouse, I too am a long time fan of his stuff.
I had forgotten just how many great writers he's worked with on projects over the course of his career, it's an amazing list for sure.
It was a little depressing hearing you guys discuss the topic of digital artwork versus ink on paper. I guess I'm a dinosaur too, I truly enjoy holding and examining original artwork. And it saddens me that the clock is ticking until we reach the day where everything is done digital. Sniff-Sniff Anyway, great interview and looking forward to the Toppi spotlight coming up.

(RE: Thanks for listening, Jerry, and "sniff, sniff" right back. It will be the end of an era, sir. Take care!)

Thomas Perkins

Great Interview! As a long time fan of Chris' work, this was a joy to listen to. Thanks, guys!

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