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August 02, 2013



Bill Carman's art is so fresh, it's Old Netherlandish meets Steampunk meets creative genius. We've made two of his paintings into puzzles (Narwhal Rain, and a new one with steampunk jousting hippos). Loved the interview - lots of fun stories. -Maya (Artifact Puzzles)


yes! I would like to echo what Sarah said and also say that I really loved having Bill as an instructor and teacher. He truly is inspiring, and honestly, when I look back at my college experience I can think of maybe 2 people that truly inspired me towards creating art, and he was #1. I think that is because of the way he approached the subject, as well as those who really wanted to be pushed.

Bill is such an interesting and intense character that I really miss the exchanges we had in class.

Thanks for taking the time to interview him, and thanks to Bill for taking the time as well!


Its amazing to listen to this podcast. As a student I always felt like Bill was brutally honest and made us think in ways that a lot of other professors don't. I have always admired his process and his off the wall ideas. His stories and his work have always been an inspiration to me and it has been refreshing to listen to them again, to remember old lessons, and hopefully to re-apply them to my own approach to making art. Thanks so much guys! Tremendous!

(RE: Sarah, thanks for listening in and writing the note! Sounds like Bill was a wonderful teacher. We're glad our podcast with him unearthed some old (good) lessons.)

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