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July 23, 2013



Another great shoe fellas, often I'd like to join the conversations but few as much as this one. you touched so many topics, many that aren't discussed much openly.

I was interrupted several times and missed much of the later half so i hope this comment is relevant. One of you mentioned something along the lines of crowd funding being "...a creator trying to get paid up front to produce his vanity project..." . while I can see that a POV slightly, I also have to wonder, what ISN'T a vanity project in art? When a person on their lunch break writes a novel. Is that vanity project? When George Lucas wrote star wars was that a vanity project? He pitched it and got a studio to pay him. is that that much different than convincing fans to pay? Are fans that gullible? Some are to be sure but. What's the real difference, selling your "vanity" idea project to fans who appreciate your WORK already or selling it to a company that's looking only to fatten it's bottom line, or to an investor who appreciate the work AND wants fat pockets. it's all a matter of selling. Most films scripts aren't made films BEFORE they are funded. ANd many if not most stories/art are created because of a writers or artist personal passion. is that just "vanity"? Do they just write to please the box office?

As i said i can see your point, but i don't think crowd funding is unethical by default at all, unless people misrepresent the project or don't follow thru.

When any money in involved "buyer beware" of course. But frankly media companies trade on star's fan loyalty everyday. Sometimes the products are worthy of the buy some times not so much. Either way you pay 1st before you see it all. So , bottom line, I don't have a problem with a media "star" in comics, music, film etc. Cashing in on their own names/reps to get projects done directly with the help of fans and others directly interested in the projects.

If done correctly it's just another form of biz.

and Uh btw the way my kickstarter address is www...
no just kidding. I don't have a project ...yet.

peace Amigos


Another great conversation. These roundtables are some of my favorite episodes. Glad to hear a candid discussion regarding crowd funding. I'm not sure how I feel but it has always made me a little uneasy. Keep 'em coming!


'networthing' - that's awesome, and so very true :). Keep it up fellas, I listen & laugh (& learn!) along while freelancing, makes the day much less dull! Cheers!


Thanks for keep'n it real guys :)

(RE: Shawn, thanks for not shouting us down, sir. We're trying!)

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