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June 24, 2013



Great discussion & even a rikki tikki tavi mention!  I'd peeked my head into a few forums to get opinions on the movie & tiptoed out because things got so hostile!  I was getting "Oh you like the Donner movies old man??  Why don't you put your teeth in & watch Super Friends old man!"   Damn. 

I've been a Superman fan since the Curt Swan & Garcia Lopez days in the late 70's & it's tough to not take some of that into the theater with me. 
I knew the character needed a fresh approach & was cool with that, but this didn't satisfy me. There were things I liked but it didn't feel like Superman to me. It felt like something was missing because it lacked scenes of him handling some low level problems & instead throws him right into the main battle.   I know those "cat in a tree" type scenes have been done but they establish what a good guy Superman is.  

The special effects were good & I liked most of the Krypton stuff.  The action was great if a little long.  Sometimes it felt like I was watching a video game with the way characters moved.  Not crazy about the costume color scheme but, that's what an audience expects now I guess.  It could have been worse. 

For me, it can be a mediocre movie but if it gives me some scenes that bring me back to the comics I'll give it a pass.  This movie lacked those moments that are straight from the comics.  It just felt to divorced from the source material which is probably  the effect they wanted to an extent.  The movie was good but never felt like Superman.  A well made movie but kind of left me cold at times.   A bit too serious also.  Just a different take.  C+


Oh man, I had to go in on this one guys.

I don't know why Adrian and Swain are buggin' out about MoS because Zack Snyder has directed the same type of live action film every time. He's not trying to be deep, provocative or philosophical by any stretch of the imagination. Many good movies throughout Hollywood history have left us reflecting on our own life experiences based on the truths they reveal, but that isn't Snyder. Snyder is all about world building and dynamic action.
I don't think I have ever empathized with any of his characters because his films aren't about the characters, but more about the great conflict they are a part of:
300 was like "yo f*ck Xerxes!"
Sucker Punch was like "yo f*ck adults!"
and Watchmen was like "yo f*ck superheroes!"
In every film the main character/s are presented with a set of circumstances that they just can't accept, so they have to kick some butt until they get what they want. But of course, in the end their victory comes only because of some great personal sacrifice.
So, Adrian, Swain, the next time you see a Snyder film, just know that it's going to go down the same way as the last Snyder film, just with better CGI.
I have to admit, those two trailers where Pa Kent and Jor-El were dropping some wisdom on Clark were pretty awesome. I was almost fooled into thinking the movie was going to be just as substantive. . . . almost.
For me, the movie didn't start until Clark, Faora-Ul and the tall dude were in the town throwin' dukes. When it was over, my 12 year old nephew was like "that was the greatest Superhero movie I have ever seen!" And I was like "that was the greatest Superman fight scene I have ever seen!"
Snyder could care less about making us happy, so long as he hits his true target audience.

Stay up,

Erik Nelson

Enjoyed the podcast, as I always do. One correction, though. There was a consensus that the 50's TV show never showed Superman's origin. However, the first episode of the series was the origin tale, "Superman on Earth". It faithfully follows the origin established at that time and was not that different from the first Donner / Reeve film. The scenes on Krypton are on the level of a high school play, but they tried! The origin is about 2/3 of the episode, with the last part being Superman's debut in Metropolis, saving a man falling out of a blimp.

(Indeed you are correct sir, there was a rather extensive origin story for that time, complete with the FLASH GORDON, left over costuming. Still it was charming and the attempt was made.- DWiGHT)

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