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June 14, 2013



Dwight, I agree a lot of the best art comes from struggle.

On the modern cover art front, I think Paolo Rivera has done some really eye catching covers. I'm not really a Hickman fan but I find it interesting how he's essentially branded his books by using a very similar style for the covers. It's not the kind of art I want to hang on my wall but it really stands out in a store which is his point. Great show!

Nickolej Villiger

I also forgot to mention how hard I fallen for Bob Oskner's Supergirl covers. Jeez Louise! Prettiest Supergirl these peepers ever laid eyes on.

(I too am a Bob Oskner fan, Nickolej! While Supergirl was definitely the character he is most identified with, I'm a sucker for his 'Angel and The Ape' issues and his 'Black Orchid' stories in Adventure Comics! Love that stuff, sir! -- ADRiAN)

Nickolej Villiger

Another gem of a show guys! However, Anyone who says Ditko can't draw is dead wrong. The guy can draw very well, in fact very few can draw like him. He also has some of the best covers I have ever seen. Just try emulating his line, it's bloody difficult. His artwork is very hard to reproduce. Even when he was trying to do Meskin it was never the same. It was pretty pure from day one and I'm envious of that fact. I also think Marcos Martin prays to ditko regularly and was doing some fantastic Spider-Man covers.

I know you guys were pressed for time and probably could have listed six dozen more but I think if we are talking great cover artists who paved the way and provided inspiration for years in the industry would be Alex Schomburg. If we are talking great Sci-Fi, Action, and Adventure covers he was king. Stood up next to Wood, Williamson, and all those EC/Warren guys.


Great conversation. the range of knowledge of comics and artist inkers colores is amazing.

1 Comment on this program though. You all mentioned these wonderful comic covers and spoke of them compositionally, graphically, and of their emotional power, high artistic quality and iconic impact and status. Great. yep, agreed with all of that and everyone you all mentioned.

But as a kid -same time as you guys- when i saw a Gil Kane cover on the spinner rack my hand reach out and grabed that book. The Exaggerated action, the twisted limbs, the taut muscles, the weird broken hands wrist action, the freakin DRAMA!! Spiderman being Backhanded by Mobius, Spiderman being shot at by punisher. even the Tarantula coming down on Spiderman with those pointed toes shoes man! And i didn't even BUY spiderman, but i bought those. And many other Kane covers. even when he had Sang Chi doing some really Whack BS kung fu pose/strike it STILL look good. and NO ONE made the Human Torch look more dangerous than Kane. His art nearly matched Stan Lee's Hyperbole. He kill-did-itit on so many covers ya'll come on. OH Capt Marvel covers! BOOYAH!

OK so he wasn't artistically or emotionally sublime.. whatever... don't turn into art snobs here fellas. Gil Kane was the man cover wise to grab you by the throat and shake you and say look at THIS.

OK, Done there .
2 others i wan to mention that had some Really Nice Short Runs on cover art.
Simon Bisley and Marshall Rogers.
They both Killed it. the Doom Patrol Covers are the only reason i know anything about doom patrol. they leaped off the shelf and had you just looking at them wondering what the heck is going on here. it looks COOL. Other books as well.
And Marshall Rogers Dr. Strange Covers though, some of it was a bit off at times, It was still Won-der-ful. "what the heck-fire is Dr Strange doing (and Clea is looking mighty hot these days)"

and i have to say that some of George Perez's covers are classics as well, a few Avengers and Teen Titans, Crisis, yep.

Sinkezvich, Adam Hughs, Toth, Raymond, Frazetta, phew, come down off high art/illo mountain sometimes fellas :)




Wonderful talk guys! I loved it!

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