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May 24, 2013



What a great interview. Editors don't get enough credit in the creative process. They can really help make a book cohesive and shine.

Jared Shear

Great interview! Ralph is a legend indeed...and from listening to the interview a classy guy as well.

A nice change hearing from the editorial end of comics, as opposed to just the writer/penciller end of the biz.

(RE: We agree on all points made, Jared. Thanks, pal!)

Billy Hynes

Hey guys,
Great interview and interviewee. What a good guy!
In case no-one else has mentioned it, it was Joe Kelly on Daredevil/Deadpool with great art by Bernard Chang that turned the falling hooker into Typhoid Mary. It scanned really well when in anyone else's hands it could have been awful.
Keep up the good work.

(Wow, cool! So Ralph was right... thanks for clearing that up, Billy. And keep up the great work on Sunny Day! - ADRiAN)

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