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May 15, 2013


Jerry Lando

I'm looking forward to hearing the Sidebar Triad's thoughts on Zaffino and which works are their faves, I know I have my personal favorites and I'm sure they're going to be some of yours as well. It was super cool hearing Bill speak about Caniff and his use of assistants, that's something I'd never heard before. Or what he knew about Frank Robbins too-all interesting stuff to hear. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of stuff out there on Robbins as an artist or a human being.
That's one of the reasons why I was disappointed that Johnny Hazard wasn't given the IDW Library of American Comics treatment-I loved all the extra info they include with the Terry and Steve Canyon collections.


Thanks guys. I love William Wray's work. Looking at his work over the years has inspired me to follow my passions, however non-mainstream they may be.
I actually first found his paintings through Ashley Wood's blog. Thankfully Wood is not shy when it comes to promoting other artists. (that's how I found Claire Wendling too THANK GOD!)

peace siblings

Jerry Lando

Cool, can't wait for you guys to shed more Sidebar love on Zaffino-he's easily in my top 3 favorite all-time artists. I'm glad that his work is starting to get attention from people that weren't aware of his brilliance before. I'm still jealous of Denys Cowan after hearing his interview with you guys-talk about being in the right place at the right time-TWICE counting his encounter with Breccia. (You're telling us, Jerry! And yes, we are in fact working on a Zaffino episode! I can't wait for that myself. - ADRiAN)

Ja'at Mego

Another great, fun interview! Just saw the above comment. I'm a fan of de Zuniga, Nebres, Alacala and the rest of the Filipino artists who came to the American comic scene during the 70s. Will definitely look forward to a feature on those guys!

Jerry Lando

Great interview! I loved hearing Bill's stories about his experiences with John K., Al Williamson, and the Filipino greats. I've drooled over his collection of Zaffino originals on ComicArtFans for a long time, amazing stuff for sure. Do you think you guys could ever do a tribute to Zaffino someday? Along the lines of your awesome Toth tribute?

(RE: Jerry, we are gonna do a "Shine-On" episode dedicated to Zaffino. Not quite as extensive as the Toth trib, but still with lots of love. Also, one for Toppi, and many of the Filipino artists mentioned on the Wray ep. Stay tuned and thanks for commenting!)

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