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April 15, 2013



I dont listen often to you guys, but all the episodes i listened to were great. Just one point for this one - the returning guy keeps nodding mhhhm hm almost every ten seconds and if you focus on it (like me) it gets little bit annoying :) Anyway thanks for your work!

Nickolej Villiger

Great episode. I was elated to see an episode dedicated to Moebius. His influence on comics and in particular Sci-Fi has permeated virtually everything. Most people who rip on something of his directly or indirectly often times don't even realize how much his work inspired and spanned generations.

TBH, the 90's killed a lot of my love and adoration for comics. My discovery of his work back in 2008 was a breathe of fresh air and reignited my love for comics. They showed me how innovative and unique they can be. I was not suprised to see most of his best work came from the late sixties to the late eighties. I had to collect everything. I ordered all his hardcover books from Humanoids (the ones I could afford) and still continue to scour the internet and local shops. I managed to find a bunch of Blueberry books at a local shop for $10 each! After he died the shop owner made them $40. -_-'.

Jean's line, perspective, and storytelling are all so original. A lot of people love his highly rendered and detailed stuff, but I always thought he was at his best when he rocked the clear line and drew psychedelic Herge. In my opinion he stands up there with my favorite comic artists always jostling for position with Alex Toth for me.

Fantastic insights Keep up the great work folks!

(RE: Nickolej, Blueberrys for $10 each?! I'm super jealous right now! But that was a very nice find. I'm sure you were elated. Yes, all the things you said, we feel as well. Jean was right up there with many of the greats, and still is. I've been wont to call him a treasure since he passed away, and I mean that sincerely. He was.

Thanks for commenting, my friend! - S)

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