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March 19, 2013


Nickolej Villiger

Hey Guys,

I just found this on youtube and it blew me away! Tony Salmons inking!

- Nickolej

BIlly Hynes

Hey fellas!
Love what I call "the Adrian" episodes, having worked in a great comic shop for eight years from '93 onwards, weathering the shitstorm of the '90s and getting the bits of gold so many missed, and having overlapping tastes.
I think you've seen my Unsung Heroes Tony Salmons post but I got the impression you hadn't seen the interview which I've just posted from Dragon's Teeth #1 from '83.
Keep up the good work and remember that not all young-uns citing great Zaffino, Toth etc are necessarily pretenders, some of them are the great Sean Murphy!!

(RE: Billy: the 'Adrian episodes' -- HAHAHAHA! I guess I do wear my enthusiasm on my sleeve when it comes to certain artists. And I've stopped by Sunny Days Indoors numerous times. But I completely missed the Dragon's Teeth interview. I've seen Dragon's Teeth on Salmons' checklists but never knew what it was. I'm going to your blog today and check out that interview.

Also, in hindsight, I think my comment about artists feigning love for Salmons, Zaffino and the like may have been a bit broad. Though I still feel like it is the truth for the most part, you are absolutely right in that some younger artists actually do espouse the tenets of those guys in their work. That's all I ask. But if you draw happy shiny manga, but say that Salmons or Zaffino is an influence; then you get the hairy eyeball from me. Thanks, Billy! - ADRiAN)

Nickolej V.

Fantastic episode, lots of great insights on Tony's work. After all these artist centric episodes how the heck have you guys not done one on Wally Wood? He was perhaps the true Rock and Roll icon of the comic universe. I listen a lot and I'm surprised on how seldom you mention him and his works.


after listing to this episode I am check out his work [ Dakota North and whatever else I can find ] so I can bask in his Awesomeness . but I did read Michel`s Interview on the factual Opinion . very heartfelt ,truthful stuff I say . and I have seen little pieces like his pin-ups on tumblr truly inspiring stuff , I will say I am not an hipster who claims to be directly influenced by him like one of you guys commented on the podcast ..but I can say I do like it alot and after listing to this episode His Ideas Behind it that Inspire me the most. I will say I like the fact there who skillfully did his Thing and People ( both fans & artist alike ) truly are emotionally Moving and full of life . of five me if I babel too much but all in all this was an episode I have been looking forward to listing too since that Factual Opinion Interview . the man ,the Myth ,the Advent Garde Legend . your right I did not see Jesus but I got to understand an Well Regarded Artist who makes the kinda work that makes other artist want to do their thing better .^_^ Shine On Sidebar Guys ..Shine On !

(RE: Oh, wow --- thanks so much for checking it out, T!)

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