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February 27, 2013



I loved this show if for no other reason than you guys gave it up to Curt Swan!   Finally!!  I grew up on this man's work.  It wasn't flashy it was just RIGHT!  Imagine I grew up reading Suoerman when Swan was on one book & Garcia Lopez was on the other!!  One of those under appreciated DC artists of the 70's like Dick Dillin.  (THE JLA artist!) I came in when Swan was inked buy Bob Oksner but I later saw the early 70's work inked by Murphy Anderson. Gorgeous!   

To really appreciate Swan's art, check out some non Superman stuff he did in the 80's. He did some killer issues of Batman, Teen Titans & later Aquaman. Understated but so so good.  

I used to look for the Adams lookalikes myself.  Loved Nasser back in the day.  Grell too.  One thing on Rich Bucker. I used to think he was strictly an Adams / Kirby clone until I saw his work on Deathlok.  That's the real deal there.  The 70's were my time I guess. Adams, Aparo, Marshall Rogers, Byrne, Perez & underrated guys like Dillin & Keith Pollard. (Pollard was a favorite of mine back then. ) I even loved Romita JR !  I respect his stuff now but, seriously, does his current work even resemble his awesome Iron Man run?  Great show fellas!!


the Freaky Tiki

LOVED the episode!


Leyendecker was literally Rockwell's teacher. Leyendecker took such a liking to Rockwell that they ended up sharing studio space. These two simple facts will influence any artist's growth. :)

the Tiki

(RE: Thanks, and duly noted, Tiki! A few other people were cool enough to pass along that tidbit, too. Good info!)

Jeff Lafferty

Awesome show guys!

- Jeff

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