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February 01, 2013


doug bell

I have been away from the podcast for a while and am catching up now. I love love the round table discussions. You all echo what I have believed for a long time. That just because something is fun, that should not be a reason to roll your eyes. Can't wait to catch up at Spectrum Live in a month. Hope all is well.- db

(RE: Doug, thanks for checking back, and yes, see you in a few weeks. Until then, brother.)


Great show! Why aren't mainstream "super hero" comics that fun anymore? There's plenty of thought provoking stuff out there but not much i'd call "fun". I remember giving up on buying monthly comics around 2001 when it all just seemed to be getting way too serious. I then picked up a 70's issue of "Avengers" drawn by Byrne where they're battling this guy called Count Nefaria. All over the top stuff! They're throwing buildings & blasting things & I put it down & said "Damn that was a good comic!"

What happened to fun comics?

PS. I LOVED the "Invaders" back in the day! That & "All Star Squadron" at DC were awesome!!

(Marc, we cite that Avengers vs. Count Nefaria issue often in past episodes. GREAT issue and story arc. Just a good ole unabashed, over the top superhero slobberknocker! YEAH! It's up there with Avengers Annual #10. Matter of fact, I need to check and see if I have those Count Nefaria issues in my short boxes...Thanks, Marc! - ADRiAN)

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