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February 22, 2013


ken meyer jr

I've always thought this guy was damn good...way too good for his age!


Super great interview, and great stories! You should try to get him on again in the future ;D. Btw, your link to his blogspot seems to not be redirecting properly. Great stuff there though!

(RE: Thanks for the kind words, Jupaco, and for the heads up, too!)

Matt Baldwin

Guys brilliant work again. I was so excited when you said you were going to talk to Nathan Fowkes. He's pure inspiration.
I've never commented before but thanks so much for what you guys do. There are so many artists out there that I've discovered through this podcast. Thanks again!

James Gurney

That was a really thoughtful and inspiring interview with a Painter's Painter, someone who everybody in the field looks up to.

Jared Shear

Great interview guys!

Nathan does incredible work...and he inspires the rest of us to up our own game.



OK... That was a marvelous, astounding, extraordinary .... I'm speechless.

(Takes deep breath) LOL

First off, I totally agree with Nathan. I believe you guys have the best podcast out there. You make my day.

Second, every time I think you outdid yourself with the latest podcast you step up and blow me away. I'll have to listen to this one at least a few times. Nathan is so inspiring and such a wonderful artist. He got me all jazzed up to make some art!



Fantastic podcast with an amazing amazing artist!
What was the name of the chinese landscape painter Nathan mentioned in the podcast? 22.22 in the podcast i believe.

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