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December 31, 2012



I really Enjoy your Podcast makes me smile a little while I am making a mini-comic or something , anyways I Find your interviews inspiring and motivates me to work a little harder doing what I love .

my Favorite interview I really enjoyed was the one with Kelley Jones [ He`s my favorite Horror artist and his take on the dark Knight as an Creature of the night is one of my personal all time versions of him . he`s like the person I aspire to be just as good ..if not great as , miss his take on batman but I better stop myself from rambling ..^_^ anyways you guys have an Happy and productive new year .]

(RE: Hey, Tsujigo! Thank you for the kind words and for the support of the show. It inspires us to know you're out there and that you dig the podcast. This is Swain, by the way, and if you heard the Kelley Jones episode, you know how much I love his stuff, too. I stalked him pre-Internet [it will be my legacy, I think]. Take care and all the best with your own art!)

Tony Figueroa

Happy New Year to you all at SideBar. You're the best.

(RE: Thanks, Tony!)


2012 was a wonderful year of podcasts from you guys. THANK YOU so much for enriching my life with these amazing interviews. You all have a great eye and expansive knowledge of art and pop culture. Thanks for introducing me to people I haven't known but I'm excited to learn more about. What a fantastic year!

Happy new year gentlemen.

(RE: We're humbled, Shawn. Thank YOU!)

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