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November 06, 2012



Hi guys,

Still listening to the episode, but wanted to chime in regarding Magik. As I recall it from the original New Mutants series, her mutant power was summoning the teleportation discs to and from limbo. Then, while being in limbo with the X-Men she was left behind and, because time in limbo passes quicker than on Earth, by the time she was rescued she was a teenager.

During her captivity, Magik was the slave/apprentice of, I think, Belasco learning magic in addition to her mutant powers.

The soulsword was the essence of her magic and soul; however, because the magic she practiced was dark magic, embracing the soulsword in full meant giving in to its dark, corrupting power. Thus, besides being a cool visual, the manifestation of Magik's armor reflected her acceptance of her demonic legacy (hence, at the beginning the armor covered only her arm and shoulder and in the end she had full body armor).

(RE: Cool! Thanks for the education, Ro. We knew somebody out there would be better versed in her background than we were. Nice layout, sir! - S)

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