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September 10, 2012


Joseph Perez

Thank you for this interview Sidebar! Thomas Blackshear is an amazing artist and I truly enjoyed hearing his views and answers to your questions. The only question I would have added would have been to ask if he will ever have a retrospective book of his artwork.Again thank you for this and all you gentlemen do!

(RE: Joseph, the one question we kicked ourselves for not asking. You're so on it, sir. Thanks for checking out the talk. Glad you dug it! - S)


Dear Sidebar Crew,

I must say, this interview has to be one of the best you've done. Mr. Blackshear has always been one of my favorite artists. His use of broken color and composition/design is absolutely breathtaking. You guys did such a wonderful job interviewing him. You were funny, respectful and professional. (You always are!)

I can't believe he did the interview with a raging fire at his back door. What character!

I know how he feels about his schooling. I'm sure a lot of us went through this. It's cool he had another option with the American Academy of Art.

How surreal it must have been to be an apprentice to someone like Mark English. Wow!

His King Kong piece is stunning! I mean it stops you in your tracks. I see his illustration art harkening back to NC Wyeth with all of that beautiful color.

He started out with basically nothing and worked hard, used his talents and made it in the business. It's a true story of inspiration and should be a testament that it IS possible to make your dreams come true.

When Mr. Blackshear mentioned Dean Mitchell I almost jumped out of my chair. He's a killer artist and I had the pleasure of meeting him around 2000. He was super nice and signed a copy of his book for me.

Thank you all so much for sharing this interview. You guys are the best!

- Shawn

(RE: Shawn, you're awesome, sir!!!)

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