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August 23, 2012



Unfortunately, I also have an artbook that is in terrible condition. My copy of The Illusives, by Toshihiro Kawamoto is in terrible condition, and the pages creak exactly how Adrian was describing.

When I saw the book in a specialty bookstore, I was all about it because Kawamoto is a superb draftsman, and I couldn't pass it up. Red flags should have gone up in my mind, however, when I saw it on the bargain/used shelf.

When I first got it, there was some damage, but I just thought the previous owner was an idiot. Today, 1/3 of the pages have fallen out of the book. Eventually I'll have to find a way to preserve the pages. Different from Adrian, I'm always referencing The Illusives (about once per week) just to get my mind blown again :)

You're not alone in your disappointment man. Situations like that make you hope you never meet the publishers in person, or maybe you do want to meet them :)

See you guys on episode 200! Peace.

(SBfan: Yeah, it's one thing if you were able to see it in person and make a decision to buy right then and there like you did. But it's another to prepay a 'new book' price and have to wait a whole year to get 'used book' quailty. I have several used books by favorite artists that I don't mind that they're 'ratter-tattered'. I knew exactly what I was getting. Yet, when you get a new book and it's already got one foot in the grave, that's a problem. Hell, maybe if the Peak book had been of better binding quality and felt right in my hands, that may have alleviated some of my venom. [But not much - LOL!] And great to get a chance to holler at you on our episode 200 yesterday, sir! Thanks for calling! -A)

Paul McInnes

Re: The Art of Bob Peak. Gents I am STILL waiting on my copy which I pre-ordered over 12 months ago. Several emails to Thomas have gone unanswered.

I shared all the frustrations you mentioned in the podcast, but at least you've finally got a copy in hand.

I suspect that my copy is being delivered by the world's slowest ship... (Based in Sydney, Oz)

(Paul, my suspicion is the shipping from Thomas Peak's end. As I mentioned in the episode, he shipped the book using standard mail rate even though I and many others paid premium package shipping. So I'd curious to hear if any of the international orders have been received yet for the rate that you guys originally paid? Or did Peak do a switcheroo with the shipping prices like he did the customers in the States? Please let me when you do receive your book, Paul. I'd like to hear your thoughts. - A)

Michael Hartmann

You guys missed that the time line in Dark Knight Rises was over 5 months from the point of Bats getting his back broke to recovering and saving the city. They pointed out that the device that Bane took from Wayne tech would degraded over 6 months and become a nuclear bomb. Yeah they did not do a great job showing the passage of time while Bruce was in the pit but it was nearly the same time frame from the Knightfall book it's loosely based on.

(RE: Upon further reflection, you are right, Michael. We'll own half if Nolan owns his half. LOL! Thanks, man. - S)


Yay! Welcome back! My favorite part of the episode was all the singing! You're always keeping it real! lol Really looking forward to episode 200! I'll try to call in :)

(RE: Please do, Sarah!!!)

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