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June 07, 2012



I still remember the first time I saw Art Adams artwork. As a kid, I came across FF#348-The New Fantastic Four on a newsstand. It was the coolest looking artwork I'd ever seen. I only got that one issue (no comic shops in my town at the time) but would just keep rereading it because of Art Adams work.

(RE: As we all kinda did with Adams, Tom. For me, it was Longshot and a Cloak and Dagger he drew. Tops! - S)


It's nice to know that if one day I meet the famous sidebar crew and gush, you'll understand. HAHA!

You guys brighten my days with your interviews. (But I don't listen before I go to sleep!) Don't be jealous!

Great interview gents. Mr. Adams is tremendous, and funny :)

(RE: He truly is all those things, Shawn. Thanks for checking it out! - S)

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