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April 30, 2012



Fascinating stuff. This would make a great documentary. Glad to see you all spreading some love to those early days of Image. These days, it seems popular to put down Image's early work. I was at the right age when Image first started and at the time I loved everything they were putting out. Savage Dragon surprised me and ended up being my favorite but I loved it all. There have been so many great stories told in the subsequent years with the characters these guys created. Some favorites - Casey/Phillips/Nguyen's run on WildCATS (one of the best modern superhero runs), Alan Moore's Supreme, Ellis's Stormwatch/Authority


First time listener, but I can tell this is going to be one hard habit to break. Great show, very entertaining.


47:20, The recap of Wildstorm / Image offices in La Jolla, CA... I went there once. Yeah, it was a fucking trip! There was this elevator door that required a special key to access the entry system with the swipe of a special employee ID. The office was humongous, even compared to some of the companies I've been associated with (which are huge apparel/footwear companies).

There will never be another time like that in comic-book history. I don't care if the old guard remember the early days of DC or Marvel with stars in their eyes. They never had a motherfucking SECRET LAIR like Image had. FTW x 1000th power. Insane days those were.

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