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March 31, 2012


ken meyer jr

Great show, of your best, and a big reason is Grove is so darn entertaining...especially to someone like me who has loved his work for soooooo long. I ordered the book before I even read the interview and can't wait for it. What a guy. I wish I could tell him personally how much and how long I have loved his stuff. Thanks.

ken meyer jr

David Grove, are you freaking kidding me???? How do you guys do it? This is one I will listen to with rapt attention.

Jim Colbert

Grove's book is an amazing reflection; anyone interested in the art of illustration should just buy the damn thing - now! I can't wait to watch this podcast (unable to here at school where I teach; it's on the afternoon whiteboard!) What a humbling experience for many of us, looking at a Grove illustration.

(RE: Jim, we agree wholeheartedly on Grove's book. Wonderful! And the podcast is actually audio, so you can listen in anywhere. Thanks for the comment, sir. - S)

Joaquin Jutt

He was hilarious,
"Tough shit."
And a touching 'Thank You' that warmed my heart.

Now I'm going to listen to Sketches in Spain.

Thanks you guys for another gift.


Wow what a great show, thanks you guys!

(RE: Thanks, Sean! Grove was everything we hoped for and MORE! - ADRiAN)

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