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February 27, 2012



Interesting conversation.

There is a television series called Spartacus. During the first season, Blood and Sand, viewers watch as Spartacus gradually becomes the leader of a slave revolt in Rome. The story was told very well, and there was no need for a prequel.
Yet, there was a prequel. In the second season, Gods of the Arena, we follow all of the events that occur before Spartacus is captured, enslaved and forced to fight as a Gladiator. From the outset it looked like a bum deal because fans already knew who died in the first season, so it looked like there wouldn't be any drama to hold your attention.
But the directors and writers played it smartly. They introduced new characters that were every bit as dynamic as the original cast and that got your attention because their triumphs and failures were vital to this new story being told. And as for the original cast of characters, they revealed more of their history in a compelling fashion.
You never knew what was going to happen to the new characters from week to week or how the original characters play a part in their fate.
Also the character interactions and relationships in the prequel helped to further reveal the motivations behind the original character's actions in the main series.

Thank you for posting quality podcasts yo :)

Mikaël Léger

It's always a pleasure to listen to the show! Funny, I first started listening to Sidebar when working on a Watchmen movie tie-in video game couple of years back. It was my first big gig, and listening to the show helped me get through those long working days and fueling my passion for comics.

Creating new Watchmen materials is certain to be a disservice to the original creation. But some people may enjoy consuming it. And it may give someone the first gig they need to get started like the watchmen game did for me. So, why the hell not?

I won’t be reading any of it either... Though A minutemen miniseries would be sweet!


You guys had me rolling with the St. Valentine's Day massacre/Disney bit.


Another great show guys! You should do more topical, or State of the Union-esque shows every once and a while. This latest episode was really good.

Happy belated 2012 and hope to see you guys at C2E2.

(Any chance of getting Alan Davis on the show?)

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