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December 05, 2011


Robert Nunez

This interview is EPIC! You guys did so much laughing and sharing without making the listener feel like an outsider. Just the opposite. Joe Phillips speaks so candidly about the highs and lows of the comics industry and his own career. Mr. Phillips has been brilliant at evolving as the industry changed. He's such a winner! He's also got heaps of talent and a hearty laugh that makes me smile every time I hear it.
Sidebar does a great job and pulling back the curtain of the comics industry and the personalities that make it great. You guys do great interviews, casual and conversational while still being substantial. I found Sidebar when Mr. Phillips posted about this interview on Facebook. I'm so happy I did. This is the comics podcast I've been looking for.

Adrian W.

Hey guys long time listener first time poster this was one of the best interviews you have ever done. Joe Phillips had some great stories to tell.
I was at New York Comic Con and was disappointed to see you didn’t have a booth in the Podcast Arena I hope to see you guys next year.

(RE: Thanks, Adrian II (ha) --- we think this one was great, as well. Joe had THE stories as far as working during The Speculator Boom. Crazy! - S)

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