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December 09, 2011


Bryan Moss

Once again, you guys have made a historical podcast. I have listened to many Chaykin podcast and felt he was never asked the right questions, but you guys delivered in spades. It would have been nice to hear Chaykin discuss Bruzenak and the early days of First Comics.

Chaykin's work is always par excellence, and a big inspiration to me. To hear Chaykin speak so modestly with a sense of humor continues to be great.

(RE: Thanks a lot, Bryan! I'm with you -- Chaykin is tops! Admittedly, while I can't speak for the others, part of my motivation was exactly that I too felt that he had never been asked great questions. And I think his reputation may have cowed many an interviewer, even ourselves to a degree. But once the Chaykin express took off, it was a fun ride for us. As for First Comics and Bruzenak, those were on my list. However, in the course of the interview, they didn't seem to fit with the flow and I held off. But listen to our Ken Bruzenak episode if you haven't already as it fills in the spot nicely. And let me also suggest a couple great interviews centric on his 80s work in Comic Book Artist #8 and Comic Book Artist (Vol.2) #5. - ADRiAN)

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