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August 14, 2011


Bicycles in Bangalore

You never fail to put the interview on friendly footing and really get right to the personality of the guest. Thanks for the good blog.

(RE: Thanks for the nice compliment!)

Mike Ol

Y'know, people don't leave as many comments as they should on your site, but how many times can we listeners say "You're brilliant!"?

You three are truly brilliant. Class acts. You never fail to put the interview on a friendly footing and really get right to the personality of the guest. It's a rare talent you three have and it's always a joy to listen to.

This interview is no exception. True gems of inspiration from John and I'll be hunting down his book.

So consider me a spokesperson for the silent majority of your listeners when I say "You guys are fantastic and hugely appreciated!"

(RE: Mike, thank you kindly for your words. We appreciate them and we appreciate your support. We cannot express how much it thrills us that you find value in the show. We enjoy having conversations with our awesome guests, but the true joy is when someone like yourself reaches out and says YOU get something out of it, too. That makes it extra special. John's a wonderful artist and his appearance on these mics was a long time coming. Take care and all the best! - S)

Sara Cooper

Glad you interviewed John. He's a great artist, and a great guy.

Jason Pruett

great interview. I listen as I'm drawing and I got inspired to up my own game. thanks.

(RE: That's awesome, Jason! - S)

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