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July 05, 2011



anybody about to buy 'dreamworlds' it twice!!
its one hell of a book...


Hey Manu,
You should check out for the process video you mentioned. Great stuff.


Sidebar Sapiens,

Thank you for the interview...

THIS was something i was waiting for a while because 'cake' is insanely talented..
need to keep my eyes open for a process video from kekai..

Btw... a little help, when you mention the names of illustrators in between your conversation, like classic american would be of great help to have their names quoted in your sidebar posting...
because far away here in India, that's all great education for someone like me who get to know those great guys for the first time.

..and highly missing a 'round table'...when is the next round table...please talk about classic old american illustrations... Norman Rockwell,etc.

Much respect,


Thanks, you guys rock keep up the great show!!


(RE: Thanks Sean, we have been informed by another listener that Kekai, was referencing Hans Bacher's "Dream Worlds." It's available on Amazon.- DWiGHT)


This is a great interview guys thanks for the show !!!
I wanted to get that book about composition he was taking about but I could not make out the name. Do you happen to know what it is? Thanks in advance.

Henry Carreno Ortiz

Wow, his work is for sure amazing. It is easy to know what every character is by just looking at them. To be honest, I am not much of a gamer anymore and less a PC one but I've always love the art behind every one of them.

Michael Curtiss

Hey Sidebar!

Just wanted to say thanks for doing these podcasts. I can't begin to describe how much I enjoy them - so - Keep on keepin' on!


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