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July 24, 2011


Adam Baker

We are SteamPunk, not CyberPunk.. But that's cool. We still love you Dwight. :)

Great Podcast guys! Now the world can hear some of the great stories we were lucky enough to hear Jeff tell us back in the good ole days of the classroom.

Although, I still can't believe you guys didn't even get into his body building days stories, like when he met AH-NOLD.. or even the simple fact that he is a friggin' BEAST on the Banjo!

I think there needs to be a part two to this one!

Nevertheless, keep up the great entertainment guys!


Former Master Preston Student,
Adam Baker
(aka "Jasper Dunlap" of the Apparition Abolishers)

Steam.. not Cyber.... Steam. ;)

RE:( Ha, Your right Adam, Master Preston was full of a innumerable amount of stories, he truly is a astonishing and gifted story teller as well as artist. Please understand that I (Dwight) am not :) and while I'm sometimes consumed by passion things that would be eloquent mis fire, like a bad sparkplug. I really have a considerable amount of affection for Steam-punk, the best(only)parts about League of Extraordinary Gentlemen where those elements for me as well as several triple A games like God Of War, Bio Shock and Assassins Creed all of which rightfully exalt sophisticated elements of your craft and hobby. I realized almost a little to late in terms of live conversation to correct myself. You are correct as I am a fan of both modes of punk, there are various distinctions which makes them all the more exciting. Take care man, and maybe will get to the banjo next time, I know we will be having more fun filled conversations with Jeff recorded or other wise! Cheers -DWiGHT)


wow..what an interview and wat a sport you are Preston..
thanks for sharing those moments with Frazetta..
felt like being there among..


thanks sidebar for this treat..the best consolation for someone who lost his whole savings paying tax ( i just lost it all)...literally!!


(Manu, sorry to hear about your tax issues. Believe me, I understand far too well with my own taxes. But in better news, I'm glad you enjoyed the Preston episode. He's like a favorite uncle that you can just sit on the porch with and be regaled by great stories and nuggets of wisdom. His Frazetta stories were awesome! And his story of how the Navy brought him back to doing what he was called to do was very inspiring to say the least. - A)


Great interview guys! Thanks for the stories and inspiring talk Mr. Preston.

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