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May 29, 2011



Thank You for your reply Swain :D:D:D **OMG fan moment** ^^ :D

Well regardless of if you do or don't one day manage to get the incredible Adam Warren on your show, I will definately be remaining an avid listener for many years & hopefully decades to come. ;D

Thank You again for the incredible interviews that Yourself Dwight & Adrian put together & to anybody else involved in the process... The artists are always so well researched by you guys, that even if its material that I have never even heard of the 3 of you have such a passion and wonderfully descriptive tongues that I feel like I can actually somehow see the pieces described.

Thank You again... :D:D:D:D:D



Dwight, Swain & Adrian Thank You for this wonderful interview, I have been a long, long, long time fan of your wonderful podcast's, they make many an afternoon sitting infront of my drawing board so much more enjoyable... :D:D:D:D:D

to date I must have listened to every interview atleast 3 times and Adam Hughes interview closer to 10 times... ^^

I have been wanting to ask for ages, although please forgive the bluntness of this question as I am not quite sure how to word it... But I wondered if the comic artist Adam Warren is perhaps a potential guest in any of your upcoming wonderful future interviews? :)

Thank You for all the Amazing work you guys do...!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D



(RE: Hey, Kris! Thanks for your continued support; we appreciate it greatly. Glad the podcast helps fill the time! And yes, we're aware of Mr. Warren's work and he's very good. He's someone we consider to definitely be on the radar---ha! Take care and all the best with your own art.

- SWAiN)


how dare you say 10 people listening to your podcast...
as far as i know, right now...ive got nearly 50 of my friends listening to your show...RIGHT NOW!!..AT THIS VERY INSTANCE..!!
kudos brothers!!
I know it cause i make them listen....


(RE: You're a true friend then, Manu! Thank you, sir---ha! - S)

Martinho Correia

Fantastic interview guys, thanks. Been a while since I said hello but I have been listening faithfully since the beginning.
Be well.

(RE: Martinho, thanks for the kind words about our interview with Jason, but most of all, thanks for the continued support! We're honored to have you listening, sir. Really. And hey, any painter who would post Wally Wood's "22 Panels That Always Work", is the coolest! - S)

Leland Purvis

Great interview as always, gents! D, your question about RiverTam v Elektra. It's the age-old question about magic vs science.


Cool interview guys! Some amazing stories from Jason. I can't believe how kind and helpful Drew was. It seems the same is true for many great artists.

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