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December 31, 2010


Belit Rivers

This was a great episode guys. When are you going to post the gift art up on the site so we all can see it? And also, what was the name of that art blog that was mentioned? I couldn't hear the name too well. Must be the bad ears.


Is there anywhere a podcast fan can view the awesome artwork you all were referring to in this show? You got me all excited! :P

Ignacio Di Meglio

Guys, beautiful show... That´s all I can say... Keep them coming!

(RE: Our sincerest thanks for saying so, Ignacio. Take care, my friend.)

Mark Stroud

You guys are the best. I can't say that enough. Here's to good times for the future.


(RE: Maaaaaarrrrrrrrk! My man!)

Michel Fiffe

First of all, re: Neal Adams being a consummate storyteller. "Maybe not so much in the books." Ouch! Hilarious! I would almost suggest that he's been milking that Free Card for a while now, but how can I forget the inimitable Deathwatch 2000?

Secondly, I cannot believe Trevor Von Eeden's Batman pages are floating around... and you got 2 of them? What a fantastic gift!! You just can't find ANY of those pages... forget seeing any THRILLER pages. But yeah, original pages always look better in general. Von Eeden's work is remarkable no matter what format.

Thanks for the fine podcast, gentlemen. I always look forward to listening to interviews about artists I like (even the ones I'm not crazy about have a natural and interesting back and forth with you guys). Here's to 2011!

(RE: Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, Michel. We appreciate and need it, to be honest---LOL! All the best to you in '11 as well.)


Always a hoot guys! Thanks for a wonderful and invigorating year of humor, enlightenment and heartfelt interviews. Best wishes in 2011 and beyond.


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