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December 19, 2010



Darn, I want to listen to this Janson is one of the best inkers ever. I loved when he inked Gil Kane & Frank Miller in the 70's.

Kevin Nowlan

Loved this! Klaus is one of the all-time greats! Wish I could sit in on one of his classes.

Martinho Correia

Great interview guy. Klaus is a real personality. Seemed like just a warm up - I would love to hear a part two.


awesome interview. I loved the insight. daredevil man without fear was one of my first comic books. I still have it on my shelf. nice to hear this stuff. ( Thanks for listening, Alex! If you are going to start reading comics and choose a book, you can't go wrong with DD: Man Without Fear! And while Klaus didn't work on that one, he and John Romita, Jr. are still a team to be reckoned with. May I recommend the Punisher War Zone tpb? It's early in there collaboration together, but they are ON POINT! -A)

Bryan Moss

I always loved Klaus's work, but I have a new found respect. I felt such a relief to hear Klaus talk about how difficult it is to make a comic.

Michel Fiffe

From inking Gil Kane to Spider-Girl's cheekbones, it was great to hear Klaus talk about the craft.

It really is too bad that he hasn't colored recently; it would be interesting to see his solutions given the advantages/setbacks of digital coloring.

...and digital inking, too! I'd love to see how he would apply his inking style to a screen. But you already know how I feel about such things, Adrian!

(I definitely do, Michel and I am the same way. In the back of my mind, I did want to ask Klaus about digital inking. However, in the Comics Foundry interview that Swain mentioned during the episode, Klaus all but says that digital inking is not for him and probably never will be. And that's for the better, I think. Inkers like Janson and Sienkiewicz are tactile. They have to be able to feel the scratch of your nib or be able to smudge the ink with your fingers at a whim. Can't do that digitally, that's for sure. Or at least without a healthy amount of premediatation and how much fun would that be? As an aside, keep rocking those AWESOME articles, Michel! -A)

Alex Sheikman

A great interview with an awesome creator. What a nice Christmas gift :)

(RE: Thanks, Alex and Happy Holidays! - D)

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