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November 28, 2010



Great interview guys!

(RE: Thanks, Shawn. - S)

Simon W

Awesome,entertaining and just too damn funny, I enjoyed a lot!

I was waiting for this one for awhile and a huge thanks for doing this guys! keep it up!

Dave Rapoza

Awesome interview duuudes :O

(RE: To the distinguished artist and fellow podcaster, Dave Rapoza---thanks, man! - S)


Finaly we get to see some Coro!
I hope the rest of the Massive black team will follow up.

(RE: Pong, I'm definitely a Wes Burt fan too, so hopefully. - S)

Luka Arh

Pardon my french but....FUCK YEAAAAAHH! I absolutely LOVE Coro! Though I never met him (hopefully one day *crosses his fingers*), one can tell he's a great guy. And I really admire him as an artist (I fucking LOVE his work)!

So I guess what I'm trying to say here is...THANK YOU for bringing him on here. You ALL rock!!

(RE: Luka, I'm inclined to agree...we DO rock! Kidding!

Coro is awesome for sure. Glad you're excited, my man. - S)

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