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August 21, 2010


Mads Johansen

Brad might not do a good Schwarzenegger impersonation, but he does a hell of a Paul Giamatti... All the time :D! Thanks for awesome arts and awesome tutorial on "Hostile takeover"


" you have to force grab that shit and hit the emperor in the dome! "

great show really funny

guys these shows get me through work !

Jason Wood

Excellent episode, sirs. I wasn't familiar with Brad's work before this show. He's quite the character. I love that he's self aware and can look back at his past and see it for what it was, versus being defensive about his old days.


That was an amazing interview. As someone trying to teach himself digital painting, it was inspiring to hear such a passionate artist with so much respect for the craft. I especially liked his "get off your ass and do it already" attitude and think that can be applied to anybody not pursuing their dream. Looking forward to the next podcast.


Thank you for the interview ! :) I enjoyed it so much ; d

Hope you know - You've got to catch Whit Brachna someday.There isn't much info about him on the internet. :( He's so interesting material for interview.

Brad Rigney

Guys thanks again for the great times and for treating me like gold!

For the record the guys name I was yammering about is Michael Komarck, not Kormack.

Sorry Michael...heh.

Here's a link to his amazing art:

Much love to you guys, keep up the good fight!

(RE: Right back atcha, Brad. Thanks for hanging out with us and putting up with our shenanigans. You rock, brother!)

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