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July 05, 2010


Mark Waikien

Thanks for this guys. Downloading it now. Expecting it to be tremendeous and inspiring.

Daniel Araya

LOVED this one. I had the honor of meeting him last year at comic con and he was everything you described.

Dave Rapoza

Loved the interview! Can't wait for Brad Rigneys as well :)

(RE: Thanks, Dave. Iain and Brad both rocked these microphones!)


Regarding Iain's animation experience, I have great respect for all professionals working under pressures of all sorts, but animators in particular. Grueling and demanding, it's the trickiest imagery work I can imagine. Unfortunately and as we know, they must work more 'simply' (less embellishments etc) than illustrators. But for an animator to return to illustration, even (or especially?) concept illo work, and retain, even evolve, his embellished rendering chops is way awesome. I don't know of anyone else who did that. (I'm certain there's a bunch, for sure.)

Robert Johnson

Exciting Interview. Oh and to answer your guys question at the beginning of the show excelsior means "even higher" or something like that in Latin. Stan Lee explains this in the Interviews he did with Kevin Smith. Just thought I'd key you in on it.

(RE: Thanks as always for posting, Rob. And that definition comes up in a very interesting way on a coming episode. Stay tuned, True Believer! - S)


Iain is an absolute genius! Really looking forward to his upcoming film projects. Thank you so much for this interview!

Jared Shear

Great interview! Iain's attitude is so infectious that I find myself wanting to drop everything and start drawing, painting, and dreaming.


A-W-E-S-O-M-E Interview gents!!! It is so cool to have the veil lifted for a few minutes to see what it's really like behind the scenes. Great job guys and many thanks to Iain!

visionary storyteller is a perfect description of Iain. There's obviously more to it than that but anyway.

wonderful interview, i was laughing and i listened to it twice haha! If i could just achieve a drop of iain's ocean of skill and vision i would be satisfied. his visual storytelling dvd's completely changed my whole perspective on my own art process and i am so grateful!

well thats enough gushing now...and thankyou to the great hosts!

Douglas Carrel

Been waiting on this one for a looong time. Another excellent interview, with all the right questions being asked. It's as inspiring listening to the man talk, as it is watching him draw. Highlight of my day. Thanks guys.


fantastic interview, iain is an inspiring individual and it was great to kick back, listen, and learn, and to also get an interesting insight into the man himself. Loving what you do guys.


Thank you thank you thank you!
Iain was great, you guys were great.
Loved it!


Thanks for Iain McCaig - another outstanding episode in your podcast series. Bravo!

(RE: Thank you, CDW. He was terrific.)

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