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May 11, 2010


=shane white=

My buddy Lance wrote an article for the L.A. Times I thought you guys might dig...


(RE: Hey, thanks for posting this, Shane. Another friend, Jason Palmer, just told me about this yesterday, so cool. - S)


Great tribute show guys. Very well done. RIP Mr. Frazetta.

Raymond Bonilla

fantastic tribute gentlemen. Frazetta was without a doubt, and Artist with a capital "A".

Mark Waikien

Wow, I was blown away when I read this. I actually hadn't found out until this post. And coincidentally, although I'd known of Frank like many others, I had only started really exploring all his works just last night. I'm glad the family feud was also settled, for the most part, before his passing.

Rest well, Frank. You've left a legacy and created a legion of budding artists.

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