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March 18, 2010


Robert Johnson

Hey guys do you know what happened to Because It seems to have disappeared and it's not just your link. Thanks.

(RE: No clue, Rob.)

Robert Johnson

I have been hoping for this interview for a long time. Tony Harris is the man, and so are Dwight and Swain for reeling him in.

(Swain re: Ha! Thanks, Robert, but we'll leave Tony in that category. We just happened upon a big fish.)

steve oh

cool thanks for the update, i heard he had abandoned it or something (typical mark millar rumors). Awesome podcast by the way.

steve oh

did he mention war heroes at all? Kinda wondering the status of that.

(Swain re: He did talk about it before we started and said it would be finished. When, I don't know, Steve.)

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