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February 08, 2010


William Wright

I just found your podcast and web site, and so far have only listened to the James Gurney interview--and I love it. I hope you can continue such good work. I think I'm going for the Mike Grell interview after that, and then after that who knows. I'll have to pick this up on my iTunes. You seem to ask the questions that I want to ask: influences, what their interest were when they were younger, and so much insight, big Thank You.

Christopher Soprano

Just got the Imaginative Realism book.

Great recommendation.

Excellent interview as always.

Mark Heng

Hey, just found your blog from James Gurney's- Excellent interview, guys! I'll definitely be listening to the archives. Keep up the good work.

(RE: Thanks Mark and welcome to The 'Nation.-Dwight)


what ever happened with the gun and the subway?

(Swain Re: Stay tuned to this blog, Yates.)


Terrific interview guys!


Guys... I could kiss you for this interview... and so many others that you've made over the course of the show. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

(Swain Re: Nana, you're so very welcome!

And if I were single, I might be tempted to accept that kiss. Provided you're a girl, of course---ha!)

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