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January 26, 2010



Sam is so well spoken, and modest, I could listen to him yammer all day.
Some one should make an Illustrator version of Tiger Beat just so we could put him on the cover.

Mark Chong

Hi guys. I've been waiting ages to hear from Sam Weber. And you guys do a superb job, you're always on the mark with relevant questions and just general flow of the conversations. He's such a humble person, and no doubt a talented artist. Would just like you guys to know that I'm starting graphic design/illustration at college in 2 weeks, in large part thanks to you guys- shedding light on the great minds and personalities behind the great works. Dwight & Swain, a gargauntuan thank you from me.

Cheers guys, keep up the fantastic work.

(Swain re: Mark, thanks for all the kind words and compliments. We try our best to make the show fun and informative---not always in that order!

Yeah, Sam is a real talent for sure. Awesome at his craft and he shared lots in the interview that, we think, a young artist needed to hear.

Also, the BEST of luck in art school! I'm sure you'll do great, dude. Take care!)


What a great illustrator! And, very nice interview, too. It's so great to hear someone be so down-to-earth about his work. To know that he's nervous, too.. it really helps. His work is an inspiration and so are his words!

Thanks, guys, for this great interview, and Sam, if you're watching, you're totally awesome!

Kenny Callicutt

Re Swain:
Hahaha. Yes, it is indeed THE Kenny Callicutt, owner of the size 14 foot that played a small role in George's epic revenge. A friend turned me onto sidebar with a "you are now internet famous" email and a link to the episodes.

(Re:LOL The internet is a very small place isnt it,I thought that was you. Your art work is quite nice too man, kudos and thanks for speaking up like a champ!~D)


"Sidebar Super Heroes Strike Again!" :P

Once again, you guys have made an amazing impact with your enthusiasm and love of art and pop culture, not to mention your excellent podcasting skills.

Sam has got to be one of my favorite artists working today and I've been waiting for a professional interview with him. You guys did a tremendous job. Many thanks to Dwight, Swain, and Sam!

(Re: Hey Shawn thanks sir, we aim to please, glad you like it!-D)

Kenny Callicutt

Big sam weber fan so I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Loving what you guys are doing here, the studio gets lonely and sidebar really helps alleviate that. Cant believe I haven't commented before since Ive worked my way through most of your archives.

(Swain re: Thanks for the compliments and ears, kind sir, glad to be of service. By the way, is this THE Kenny Callicutt?)

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