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December 03, 2009


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Perhaps my favorite Sidebar podcast yet, which is saying a lot. So many generous observations.

After looking over Mr Powers site and blog... damn. Love the line about 'don't pray for talent, pray for thick skin'. So good. Keep it up Dwight and Swain - you guys are absolutely KILLING it!!


This is a great interview. I've completed my first year as a concept artist and at times it's been fun and frustrating. This interview helped me put things into perspective. Thank you!

(Swain re: Absolutely, Roger, Dermot makes it all a little better. Was this last year in film, TV or what? Just curious.)

Inazuma Tiger

O.M.G, dudes!

Based on your recommendation, I checked his website and blog. Dermot is the truth, sirs! I need that episode now!


(Swain re: Yezziiir!)

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