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November 10, 2009



This was an AMAZING interview. I felt like I was taking a class. I've referred several friends to this and have listened to it a few times already. So much valuable info. Thanks so much, Sidebar and Mr. Hundley. :D
PS - Also really enjoyed the Gregory Manchess from the archives. Another great teacher.

Kyle T Webster

A friend, a mentor, and a humble guy.

(RE: We concur, Kyle, Sterling is tops!)


this was such an awesome show. thanks for making this and thanks sterling!

(RE: Thanks for taking the time to say hello and listening Alex, we really appreciate your comments! -Dwight)

Christopher Soprano

Thank you for this insight to one of my favorite artists.


I had a class or 2 with him during my time at VCU and Sterling is an all around awesome artist person and teacher! He is very very real, and keeps it that way.

(Re: We kinda thought so, Naomi. Thanks for writing. - Swain)


Great job guys! Awesome interview.


One of my favourite illustrators right now. Apparently a very cool person,too - Great episode! Thanks Dwight and Swain!

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