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November 05, 2009



This dude is like Grandmaster Flash with the live stuff, wikki wikki woo! Hope he doesn't get dated as soon. Love the traditional paintings Android, I say go with that full on!


Awesome art and a purveyor of positive ideas; this dude sure loves quoting Terrence McKenna! Maybe give Terrence a shout out next time. 8)


Wow, sounds like he quotes a lot of Terence Mckenna


Man, I love this guy.

Many years ago I found and there was Andrew, drawing a self portrait a day, each new piece being even more jawdropping than the last. I was utterly amazed by his dedication. And still am!

Thank you guys from sidebar for interviewing him. I'm not even halfway through the podcast, but I'm loving every minute of it!

(Swain re: Thank YOU, R, for listening and the kind words, sir!)

Marek Tarnawski

Great interview! What I love about Andrew Jones is that he always makes me rethink where I'm going and where I could go with my art. His passion is strongly infective.

(RE: We agree Marek, as a forerunner of the digital avant garde his spirit is overwhelming full of free flowing insight and direction.~D)

what a great podcast. i got the chance to meet andrew at the insomnia workshop and hearing his voice brought back all the great things he said then. fantastic work fellas.

(Swain re: You got it, Rick! Thanks for listening.)

Keep it up guys. This is gold. Love this site!

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