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August 24, 2009


P.J. Magalhães

Guys this was an awesome end to a 'trilogy' that finally made me a regular listener to you podcast. Starting with George Pratt, Greg Manchess and finally with Mr Gutierrez, it was an awesome inspiring week of art and artists. Please keep it up with the mix of comic and other types of illustrators, with as much in depth questions about their philosophy and working methods as you can sneak in. It's great fun. Cheers,

(Swain re: Will do, PJ. The way you put it, it does make sense---ha! Thanks!)


Another gem of a podcast. Rudy has some amazing stories and sounds like a really nice guy. I like how he was talking about "walking your path", so true.

BTW: The previous post had me in stitches!


Abraxas was the first album I ever bought. I was 14. No Third Eye Blind or Limp Biscuit for me! Ha.

This was a very inspiring interview. Listening to Rudy's journey really helps me get up and do something. Thank you guys! Peace.

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