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June 06, 2009


Lance Red

This interview is fantastic. This is my third time listening to it since it first came out. Absolutely hilarious and informative. Mr. Middleton's work is great and it is really cool to get a glimpse of the artist behind the art.

(RE: I couldn't agree more, Lance. We were cracking up and at the same time, the experience made us appreciate his art even more. - S)

Donal DeLay

Having lived in Florida for the past 20 years, I'm going to have to agree wholeheartedly with Josh's assessment of Florida. Except it smells like dead fish, seaweed and sun fried whale sperm.

Great interview.

Sterling Jenkins

Thank you very much for that interview. Absolutely hilarious. Also thank you for all of these interviews you do with all of these artists. For someone who is a aspiring illustrator, it is inspiring to hear from all of these people I admire. Keep up the awesome work!

(Swain re: Thanks for the kind words, Sterling, we'll definitely keep 'em coming.)

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