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May 30, 2009


Harry A West

You guys have Brad Holland down pat. I have had the privilege of knowing him since 1967 at HALLMARK CARDS. I just spent two afternoons with him in NYC, LISTENING to some of the most interesting stories. He should present a one-man show, such as Hal Holbrook's "Mark Twain Tonight", 'cept it would be "Brad Holland Tonight - LIVE".
The entire creative community owes a great dept to Mr. Holland for his efforts to fight - AND WIN - the "Ophan Works Bill" and save their copyrights.

(RE: Indeed, thank you Harry.- Dwight)

Tabatha Alcina

Loved this podcast! What a funny guy.


Outstanding interview gentlemen. Sidebar rocks!


Hey guys, that was a great interview. Professional as always and Mr. Holland was very insightful about so many things.

(Swain re: I agree, TIM, he was a fountain of knowledge---no joke. We really did just try and keep up.)

Steven Russell Black

what, what , what Brad holland?

You guys just keep steppin up the game.
You are crushing all other podcasts out there sirs.

Keep on bringing it. YES!

this is how a podcast should be done.

Thank you very much,

Proud member of the Nation.


Thank you kind sir and welcome citizen of the Nation;).
As to our colleagues their is plenty of room out their for us
all. ~D

Ray Bonilla

5 stars, guys, 5 stars . Thanks for interviewing guys like Brad Holland who most of the younger people in the field might not know about. By the way, ever consider doing an interview with Sam Weber? He does a lot of work for NY times, Tor, and DC comics . I think you guys won't be disappointed .


Another excellent interview guys! I just discovered your podcasts last week through Irene Gallo's site, and I've steadily been listening to all your interviews while I work. Only about 60 to go! Keep up the great work.

Thanks Colby, we appreciate your diligence, nice work & site man!~D

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