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March 29, 2009


Alejandro Gonzalez

Yo Adriana Lima is a 9.8 for sure. Joao is a kool dude. Great interview.

Just discovered this site a couple days ago. It's awesome!


Awesome show and really cool interview.
(The author's name of the European Peter Pan comics that Joao mention at the beginning of the show is Régis Loisel)

(Thanks for the comment and insight Mikael.

Celia Garcia Braz

I just have to say that all stuff related with Joao Ruas is not a surprise for me, as his aunt. The image in my mind is a boy of 5 or 6 years old with a pencil in his hand and drawing those amazing characters from comics. I've been following his journey since then and I just know he will became a great artist. It's in his DNA, I really can tell, and everybody can expect more from him. It's just the beginning.


Dion: It's Phil Hale.


What artist were they referencing? Few hail? Couldn't understand what they were saying. Wanted to look him up.

Rodrigo Avilés

thanks a lot for this interview!


Great interview, you guys. I have been following Joao for a while now and am happy that you guys have shed some more light on him, as it is definitely deserved. His art is absolutely stunning!


Monica Belucci is a very good 10 example, Joao,heheh. Very nice interview from you guys.

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