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February 12, 2009



Your presence at the NYCC this year was sententiously overwhelming... I hope you two enjoyed it as much in yearning a return next Fall! Nice, new updates here, BTW (puts me to shame...) Best, ©! =)

Jon Tsuei

It was a pleasure meeting you both at the con. I look forward to seeing you guys again sometime and I'm going to keep that promise I made about sending you guys the first copies of [JUMP] when it's all finished.

(Swain re: We'll hold you to that. Good to meet you too, Jon!)

Leland Purvis

Thanks for the shout-out, gentlemen. Was great to meet you both. Glad you enjoyed your time in the city.

William Blankenship

Love it! Tell me you have audio of that Canete panel.

(Swain re: We do!)

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