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September 07, 2008


Mike Scheffler

Michael Kutsche is the main character designer on "Alice in Wonderland" and he's a friend of mine. I know he ended up doing about 80 percent of the designs on the project.

It should be mentioned that other great artists such as Daphne Yap are doing concept art on the movie as well.


hi,i am so interested by your site.
thanks alot and be success. :)

Amy Hadley

This was SO inspiring! Just so much wisdom that's going to help me, and I'm totally going to try out that visualizing exercise. I'm gonna have to stalk this guy!


Great show guys. Bobby is a real inspiration. After your interview I went to youtube and listened to about 2 hours of him. Good stuff.

Jeremy Brooks

Another great podcast fellas. Full of useful info for aspiring artists such as myself. Mucho thanks to you two and to Bobby.



Thanks for posting this!

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