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June 14, 2008



You know I had to do this... I fought for as long as I could but, alas, I lost the battle...

Apologies in advance.

I believe that somewhere in this interview you mentioned Masamune Shirow amongst manga artists who use legions of assistants to get their work done. This was a fax pas. The GREAT and MIGHTY Shirow, is one of the strange few who DO NOT use assistants and in fact does not produce mangas on the "Shonen Jump" style, pulp magazine, schedule. He does all of the work himself and works on the product until he is completely finished, at which time, it is all published as a single large book. This goes against the grain or norm in Japan but, the great ones often do. As an admirer and follower of his works, I felt compelled, even thought it all probably has NO bearing whatsoever in the grand scheme of things. Still, I know that you guys like to be in the know.

For Shirow's own words about how he works (pretty funny stuff) check out the written interview that is included in the extra materials of the recently released "APPLESEED EX MACHINA: Collector's Edition DVD". It's fairly short but, quite interesting.


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