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April 19, 2008



I've followed her work for a long time. She's one of the most unique and original out there. Great interviews, guys! Thanks for posting.


I've arrived, thanx for the shout out. Celia, I just can't get enough of her. I hope you guys make to San Diego this year, I'd love to shake your hands and talk some comics and movies and stuff. Again, I love the podcast, it's great listening while I'm drawing, keep it up.

Alex H.

I met her at the New York Comic Con last weekend. I was embarrassed when I asked if she knew the artist and if I bought a poster, when he will return to do signings. She was funny to tell me she would sign it. I thought she was joking. *blush* She's awesome. :)


Get your book together, girl!!! Stop goofing around!


More delicious audio from miss calle =]
hope you had fun at the con Dorothy!

Chris Hatfield

Once I again I love your show. Its like I'm in a room with my buddies every time I listen. If you get a chance check out these two blogs.
(some killer work on Darren's blog )
(Alex Woo,storyboard artist at pixar. Check out his student film Rex Steele: Nazi smasher, when you can)

P.S. Man you need to get these guys on the show. Ok i'm done pimping out artists now, lol. Back to your regularly scheduled comments

William Blankenship

The animation you were trying to think of was "Triplets of Belleville."

Thanks for the shout, That made my day. :D


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